Rad Racer Nintendo NES Complete in Box Variants

NES Rad Racer CIB Variants Front

Pictures of my two complete in box (CIB) variants of Rad Racer for the Nintendo NES from my personal video game collection. You can see that the Nintendo seal’s are different on the game paks as well as on the game boxes. One is known as the “circle seal” and the other is known as the “round seal”. I only have the instruction manual and the 3-D glasses for one of them unfortunately.

NES Rad Racer CIB Variants Front
NES Rad Racer CIB Variants Front
NES Rad Racer CIB Variants Back
NES Rad Racer CIB Variants Back

Nintendo NES CIB Collection

Nintendo NES CIB Collection
Nintendo NES CIB Collection
Nintendo NES CIB Collection

Here’s a photo of my Nintendo NES CIB (complete in box) collection. The games I have are as follows:

8 Eyes
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Adventure of Link
Adventures of Bayou Billy
Back to the Future
Bad Dudes
Balloon Fight
Black Bass
Blades of Steel
Blaster Master
Castlevania 2
Code name Viper
Darkwing Duck
Demon Sword
Destination Earthstar
Dick Tracy
Donkey Kong Classics
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 2
Double Dribble
Dr Mario
Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior 2
Dragon Warrior 3
Dragon’s Lair
Duck Hunt
Final Fantasy
Flying Warriors
Friday the 13
Ghosts and Goblins
Goonies 2
Hogan’s Alley
Ice Hockey
Karate Kid
Kid Icarus
Kirby’s Adventure
Kung Fu
Legendary Wings
Life Force
Loony Toon 2
Low G Man
Marble Madness
Mario Bros
Mario is Missing
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
Monster Party
NES Cleaning Kit 1
NES Cleaning Kit 2
NES Open
Nightmare on Elm Street
Ninja Gaiden
Pro Wrestling
R.C. Pro-Am
Rad Racer
Robo Cop
Rush’n Attack
Silent Strike
Skate or Die
Spy Hunter
Star Tropics
Super C
Super Jeopardy
Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge Set Box
Super Mario Bros 3
Tetris Nintendo
Tetris Tengen
Ultima Quest for the Avatar
Wrestle Mania
WWF Wrestling Challenge
WWF Wrestlemania
Yoshi’s Cookie
Zodas Revenge

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Mike Tyson Punchout Title Screen

Released for the NES in 1987 by Nintendo. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is one of the most fun sports games released for the Nintendo. You play as the new comer “Little Mac”. You need to fight your way up the ranks to prove you are worthy of a title shot with the champion Mike Tyson.

The gameplay is excellent. Little Mac has to win his way to the top by defeating lowly opponents all the way up to the world champ Mike Tyson.

Each opponent you face has their own special moves, and their patterns you need to learn. This keeps the game fresh and fun to play.

The graphics are well drawn and give each opponent their own personality and style. The game sprites are large and the animation is well done.

The music and sound effects are nothing spectacular, but they get the job done effectively. The play control is simple to learn and it’s tight and responsive which adds to the overall game experience.

This game is one of the best ever released for the NES and it actually got a re-release after the license expired with Mike Tyson. After that the game was known only as “Punch-out” and instead of fighting Mike Tyson as the final opponent you fought Mr. Dream.

This game was so successful that it has spawned unrelated sequels on the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo Wii. You really can’t go wrong by adding this game to your collection. It holds up to the test of time, and it’s still as fun to play as when it was new.

Password to fight Mike Tyson right away:
007 373 5963

Mike Tyson Punchout
Mike Tyson Punchout
Mike Tyson Punchout Title Screen
Mike Tyson Punchout Title Screen
Mike Tyson Punchout Gameplay TKO
Mike Tyson Punchout Gameplay TKO
Mike Tyson Punchout Results
Mike Tyson Punchout Results