Atari 2600 Games and TurboGrafx16 Console

Atari 2600 Games and TurboGrafx16
Atari 2600 Games and TurboGrafx16
Atari 2600 Games and TurboGrafx16

Here’s a recent Craigslist pick up.

I had been posting some wanted to buy/trade ads on Craigslist looking for Atari 2600 games and a TurboGrafx16 console.

Someone responded to my ad saying they had both a TurboGrafx16 and some Atari games so we ended up making a deal.

I didn’t get any controller or an a/c adapter for the TurboGrafx16 but from what I’ve read you can use a Sega Genesis a/c adapter so I’m good on that since I already have a few. I plan on buying a controller off of eBay or locally if possible. As for games I know I want Devil’s Crush, Splatterhouse and Bonk’s Adventure to get started.

There’s a nice variety of classic Atari 2600 games in this lot. The labels for the Activision games aren’t in the best shape but from what I’ve seen that’s fairly common. I was happy to get the Superman and Asteroids games complete in box including the Atari game catalogs.

This was a nice Craigslist pick up considering it didn’t cost me any money, just duplicate games I had laying around the house collecting dust. I always try to use what I already have in terms of my game collection to acquire new items for my game collection.

The Atari 2600 games aren’t worth that much money but it was a nice way to get a good chunk of quality games (and the complete in boxed games) at no cost. The Turbografx console from what I’ve seen online goes for about $40.00 in working condition. I still need to pick up a controller for it but it’s nice that I can use the Sega A/C adapter for it and the Nintendo or Sega RF Box. I’ve been wanting a Turbografx16 for a while so I’m glad I was able to make the deal.

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