NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Arcade Machine Fixes

Here’s a list of some fixes that I wanted to share that will help keep an NFL Blitz arcade machine up and running.


  • Resetting intermittently
  • Distorted sound

How to fix:

I was able to fix both issues by increasing the voltage output on the power supply. The Blitz machine’s power supply has a knob on it that allows you to adjust the voltage output. It was only outputting 4.6 volts so I adjusted it to 5 volts (checking it with a multi meter). As a result of adjusting the voltage output to 5 volts both issues were gone.

Compact Flash Mod

A common problem with NFL Blitz machines is the IDE hard drive that the game uses. Age and wear and tear get the best of the spinning disk drives and it’s only a matter of time before the drive will fail. Due to this, I replaced the original NFL Blitz IDE hard drive with a compact flash card. It’s a simple plug and play install that’s worth the effort.

NFL Blitz Compact Flash Mod

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  1. Wow! I really like your list of fixes. NFL Blitz 2000 Gold is arguably the best sports game ever created for the arcade.

    keep up the good posting, Steve.

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