Welcome to ClassicGamesBlog.com – Retro Gaming

Welcome to Classic Games Blog – All about Retro Gaming

Retro Games Collecting 101

An article that is all about retro game collecting. From loose games to complete in box it’s all here.
Where to look for retro games, how to figure out what they’re worth, and a lot more.

How to Troubleshoot, Diagnose, & Repair Nintendo NES Common Problems

Figure out what causes problems with the original Nintendo NES aka “The Toaster” and how to fix them.

How to Repair Gameboy Common Problems

How to fix the most common problems with Nintendo’s original Gameboy model number dmg-01

Galaga Arcade Machine Repair Write Up

The story of my resale shopping trip that turned up a non working and in need of repair Galaga arcade machine. I couldn’t turn it on to test it before I bought it (due to a cut in half power cord) so I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into.

My Video Game Collection

My video game collection. Arcade machines, Nintendo test equipment, World of Nintendo, loose games, complete in box games, systems, etc

How to fix Nintendo’s ROB the Robot

How to repair common problems with Nintendo’s ROB (R.O.B.) the Robot. Most ROBs need some repair and here’s what I do to fix them.

World of Nintendo Neon Sign

How I found my rare World of Nintendo Neon store sign and the repairs I needed to do to it. These were originally displayed in World of Nintendo Stores in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Nintendo NES Test Station

The story of my rare Nintendo NES Test Station. I purchased it on eBay in non working condition and I repaired it. These were found in World of Nintendo stores and authorized Nintendo repair centers.

Nintendo NES Blue LED Mod

A write up of how to install a blue LED (or any color led) in a Nintendo NES.

NES games with Famicom Converters in them

Some of the early released NES games from 1985 have a hidden treasure inside: Famicom to NES converters/adapters.

These converters will allow you play Japanese Famicom games on your NES Top Loader or NES Toaster.

Midwest Gaming Classic 2013

Pictures of the 2013 Midwest Gaming Classic including for sale pics, video games, systems, and vintage computers gaming.

Nintendo NES Opening Title Screen Intro Videos

The gameplay demo videos that play on start up for various Nintendo NES games.

Sega Genesis Opening Title Screen Intro Videos

The gameplay demo videos that play on start up for various Sega Genesis games.

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  1. I enjoyed your how-to on changing out the LED of the NES. I’m very new to modding and working on my first idea. I’m even less knowledgeable in the world of circuits and what not. What I want to do is change the stock power and reset buttons into toggle switches as well as change the LED power light and add LED to the system to light up various things. Basically – how would I do that? Can you make a DIY for something like this or point me to something similar? Thanks!

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